Reflexology & IonCleanse®

Reflexology is a time-honored technique for applying “accupressure” to specific reflex points on the feet and hands in order to stimulate organs and other areas of the body. Because each reflex point affects a particular organ or zone in the body, this treatment can actually promote systemic balance and normalization, tension reduction, and can encourage overall revitalization, detoxification and regeneration.

Reflexology ~~ 15 minutes $25 ~ 30 minutes $40 ~ 50 minutes $60
Our basic reflexology treatment, this service will help to bring your whole body into a state of harmony while you relax in the welcoming and comfortable ambience of our spa. Use the 15-minute service to try reflexology for the first time, or as a time-conscious, yet healthy enhancement to any of our other stress-relieving services.  Experience total body balancing – through your feet!


Every day we are bombarded with toxic substances.  Now, as never before, these substances are in our air and our water and our food. As more and more toxins are introduced into – and onto – our bodies, they can overwhelm our detoxifying organs, and cause our bodies to “store” them in our tissues to await “processing”.  If these “stored” toxins continue to build up in our cells and tissues, they can cause us pain, disfunction, bodily imbalance and weight-gain.  If not eventually released, these toxins can affect normal cell and organ functioning, inhibit the absorption of essential nutrients, cause foggy thinking and depression, prevent healthy weight loss and maintenance, and ultimately contribute to a decline in overall wellness.

The IonCleanse® footbath gently encourages the body to release microscopic neutralized toxin particles through the pores in the feet.  Since a person’s feet can release close to 8 ounces of fluid each day through the thousands of sweat glands located there, it’s really not surprising that foot bath detoxification can be so extremely effective.

(Click here to see detailed information on how the Ion Cleanse® process works.)

IonCleanse® Detoxifying Foot Bath ~~ 30 Minutes $40
A perfect and easy solution for encouraging the detoxification of the body, this effective and relaxing service can help your body counteract the impact of environmental toxins. (Best and most effective when done regularly.)

IonCleanse®/Reflexology Combo ~~  60 minutes $75 ~ 80 minutes $95
If you are interested in the next level of detoxification, this service is for you. The Reflexology portion of this combination service will stimulate your body to release tension and toxins, and the IonCleanse® portion will then assist with the final release of the toxins from your system.  Excellent!

About Face Facial/IonCleanse® Combo ~~ 80 minutes $99
Our most popular facial followed by a single-session IonCleanse® service, this combination will maximize your skin and body beautification and detoxification by encouraging the release of toxins from your system.

Massage/IonCleanse® Combo ~~ 85 minutes $99
This service combines our award-winning Body & Sole Signature 55-minute full-body massage with an easy and effective IonCleanse® detoxifying foot bath.  It is relaxing, detoxifying and is a “must-do” health maintenance service!

~~Service times and durations may be approximate~~  ~~Services and prices are subject to change without notice~~