Massage is an age-old technique for detoxifying the body, increasing circulation, relieving pain, reducing the effects of a stressful lifestyle — and — it simply feels wonderful!

*NOTE: Any Massage can be experienced as a “couples” or “dual” massage, if scheduled in our adjoining massage rooms. Please ask the Spa Front Desk Administrator at the time of booking if you wish to reserve the adjoining rooms.

Body & Sole Signature Massage ~~ 25 min (“Mini”) $40 ~ 55 min $65 ~ 85 min $98 ~ 115 min $130
This is our not-so-basic, basic massage.  It is what we call a “request” massage, because you can tell your Massage Therapist exactly what you want in the way of style and areas of concentration.  Our Signature Massage is a healthy and relaxing way to de-stress on a regular basis!

Body & Sole Signature Aromatherapy Massage ~~ 25 min (“Mini”) $52 ~ 55 min $80 ~ 85 min $117 ~ 115 min $153
Add the use of essential oils to our Signature Massage, and this massage just makes “scents”.  You will feel great afterward, and the clean, herbal scent will linger for hours!

Deep Tissue Massage ~~ 55 min $85     With Aromatherapy:  55 min $100
Using therapeutic muscle manipulation techniques, selected Massage Technicians will release deep tightness and congestion, and help your muscles work more efficiently and painlessly.

Hot Stone Massage ~~ 90 minutes $120   (all stones, no hands-on)
During this 90-minute massage, our therapists will use the warmth from heated river stones to penetrate deep into the muscles and give you total relaxation while massaging away your stress and pain.  What a great way to warm up and relax at the same time!
(Note: This massage is not appropriate for lactating mothers.)

Prenatal Massage ~~ 25 min $45 ~ 55 min $75 ~ 85 min $108
Our Prenatal Massage is specifically designed to soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy. It will focus on areas of stress such as the lower back, hips and feet, and is an absolute must for busy mothers to be!
(Note: This massage is not advisable during the first trimester of pregnancy.)

Tropical Touch Massage ~~ 70 min $85 ~ 100 min $118
This totally terrific tropical massage begins with a full-body dry exfoliation to remove surface toxins, open your pores and stimulate your lymphatic system.  Following the exfoliation, you will receive our Body & Sole Signature Massage using high quality, unrefined, natural coconut oil as the massage medium.  Coconut oil is a great anti-oxidant and is soothing, healing and easily absorbed – it leaves no greasy feel.  You will emerge from this service with a soft and healthy glow — completely rejuvenated!  Sound wonderful?  There’s more – you also get a complimentary gift!  How’s that for tremendous?

Perfection Massage ~~ 80 minutes $99
This 80-minute combination massage begins with a 10-minute Mini-Hot Stone treatment (the perfect prep for the back portion of your massage) and ends with a delightful 15-minute Sleep After service (a great way to squeeze the most benefit out of your services).  In between is the best 55-Minute full-body massage you will receive anywhere!

Ultimate Massage ~~ 90 minutes $120
Our Ultimate Massage starts with the same series of services as the Perfection Massage, and – incredibly! – goes beyond “perfection” to ULTIMATE with the extra added wonderfulness of a targeted, 10-minute Face and Scalp massage service.  It is an absolutely splendid and completely relaxing way to spend 90 minutes!

Tropical Ultimate Massage ~~ 105 minutes $140
The perfect combination of our Tropical Touch Massage and our Ultimate Massage, this service is truly a trip to paradise.  It includes a full-body dry exfoliation, a magnificent mini-hot stone starter, a fabulous 55-minute full-body massage (using healthy high-quality coconut oil), a super Face/Scalp Massage — AND —  a soothing Sleep-After Service!  This will top any massage you have ever had!

End Result Massage ~~ 25 minutes $65
We took the best parts of a full-body massage and put them into a 25-minute slice of heaven!  Two massage therapists work together: one focusing on your scalp, neck and shoulders; and one focusing on your feet and lower legs.  This is the perfect massage if you are short of time and want to get the most relaxation out of a 25-minute time slot.

Mini-Mini Massage ~~ 35 minutes $60
This is a great combination service!  Add our Hot Stone enhancement to our Signature Mini-Massage and you get a dynamite service that will pack a relaxation payload into this 35-minute stress-buster!

Massage Enhancements

Face & Scalp Massage ~~ 10 minutes $20
The perfect way to “cap off” your massage, this targeted, short service will extend any regular massage just long enough to allow the therapist to give some truly concentrated attention to the face and scalp area.

Sleep-After Service ~~ 15 minutes $20
Our Sleep-After service lets you take a 15-minute power nap after a table service, and gives you the added relaxation of warm Soyaffin™ mittens on your hands – so soothing!  We will wake you gently after 15 minutes and you will be on your way, feeling refreshed and revitalized!

Mini-Hot Stone Add-On ~~ 10 minutes $20
Just a little bit of hot stone therapy added to any massage makes it incredibly more profound!  Our talented technicians place the stones on the back and shoulders at the beginning of the massage and by the time they get to the upper back area for the regular massage, your muscles are loosened and warmed and will accept the treatment much more deeply and completely.  This add-on makes any of our superb massages even better!

Dry Body Exfoliation Add-On ~~ 10 minutes $20
Start any massage off with a 10-minute full-body dry exfoliation to remove dead skin and surface toxins, open your pores and stimulate your lymphatic system.  A supremely superior starter for any massage!

Soyaffin™ Booties (Feet) ~~ $18
This is a great little treatment to drop in for or add on to your massage service.  It will warm and relax you, soothe and super moisturize your aching feet, and continue your foot-bliss even after your massage therapist has finished with that portion of your massage.

Soyaffin™ Mittens (Hands) ~~ $18
This is another great little warming and relaxing treatment to drop in for or add to any massage service, especially for those who overuse or strain their hands on a daily basis.

~~Service times and durations may be approximate~~
~~Services and prices are subject to change without notice~~