Hands & Feet

From your fingers to your toes, experience our nail services in a luxurious and totally rejuvenating setting.

CND Shellac™
Body & Sole Day Spa~Salon is a CND Shellac™ Certified Establishment

The original Power Polish™, Creative Nail Design Shellac™ is a hybrid gel (containing properties of both polish and gel), that combines the ease of regular polish with the incomparable high gloss shine and extended wear of the Shellac™ formula.  There are 36 great shades to choose from, and you can layer colors to make even more!

Note: In order to obtain optimal results, Creative Nail Designs Shellac™ can only be applied if receiving a manicure or pedicure. Please see below for pricing.

OPI GelColor™

The OPI formula is 100% color gel. It goes on like polish, wears like gel and feels like nail lacquer.  There are 30 popular shades to choose from, and they can be matched with regular OPI polish.

Note: In order to obtain optimal results, OPI GelColor™ can only be applied if receiving a manicure or pedicure. Please see below for pricing.


Regular Manicure ~~ 40 minutes  $25
Relax in luxury while our skilled technicians provide essential cuticle and nail care, massage and moisturize your forearms and hands, and expertly apply polish in the popular color of your choice. Your hands will be ready for any occasion!

Soyaffin™ Manicure ~~ 50 minutes  $43
Just when you thought you were happy with our regular manicure, we offer you this.  You receive the same luxurious and relaxing nail service but with the addition of soothing, hydrating and warming Soyaffin™ mittens.  Truly excellent!

Body & Sole Signature Manicure ~~ 50 minutes  $35
This manicure starts with the same essential cuticle & nail care as our regular manicure, but is extended just a little so that you can relax with soothing, heated mittens after your hand and forearm massage.  It is the perfect combination of efficiency and total relaxation.

Post-Acrylic Manicure ~~ 40 minutes  $50
(A Body & Sole Orignal!)

Going ” Au Naturel” with your nails for awhile?  You must come in for this manicure!  It is a specialized service designed to gently revitalize and protect your fragile, newly exposed nails.  The service also includes a complimentary bottle of nail strengthener, so it’s a must for anyone who wants to be “non-acrylic” for awhile.
Note: This service is recommended in a series until nails are completely recovered.

Express Manicure ~~ 30 minutes  $18
This is the perfect manicure for those who are very short of time or those who just need a “spruce-up” between regular manicures.  It includes a cuticle touch-up, nail filing, and the polish of your choice.  You will be in and out with gorgeous nails in two shakes of a lambs tail!

Gentleman’s Manicure ~~ 30 minutes  $20
Taking good care of cuticles and nails is essential to good grooming and good health.  Let our expert nail technicians clean up your cuticles and nails and help you to relax with a light hand and forearm massage. We promise you will not be sorry you came in for this service!

Gentleman’s Soyaffin™ Manicure ~~ 45 minutes  $30
During this service, you will receive the same thorough cuticle and nail care as the regular Gentleman’s manicure, with the extra, rejuvenating benefit of a warm and relaxing Soyaffin™ mitten treatment. This is an essential service for any man, especially those work with their hands!


Regular Pedicure ~~ 50 minutes   $45
There’s just nothing like a Body & Sole pedicure! Soak your cares away while relaxing in one of our comfortable pedicure chairs and let our skilled technicians perform essential cuticle, callus and nail care, and expertly exfoliate and massage your feet and lower legs.  You will (reluctantly!) leave our spa relaxed and renewed, with your toes polished and looking incredible!

Body & Sole Signature Pedicure ~~ 60 minutes  $58
Our signature pedicure takes our regular pedicure a step further.  It’s the same heavenly service, with the addition of a warm Soyaffin™ bootie treatment.  Our “sole” intention with this service is to rejuvenate and beautify those tired feet.

Peppermint Patty Pedi ~~ 50 minutes  $50
(A Body & Sole Orignal!)

Relax and take pleasure in the essence of peppermint as you experience this invigorating pedicure.  It is our regular pedicure, using peppermint products to delight your senses and soothe your aches and pains. Tantalize your taste buds too – with your own special peppermint treat to savor while you enjoy your service!  And – as if that’s not magnificently minty already – you get a complimentary gift to take home with you!

Chocolate Decadence Pedicure ~~ 60 minutes  $65
Decadence doesn’t begin to describe this luxurious treat for your feet.  It starts with a cup of rich, hot cocoa to drink and a splash of chocolate mineral in a lovely bath for your feet. The mineral foot bath is followed by a fragrant and effective chocolate foot scrub, which is then followed by a soothing chocolate mousse foot mask.  Finally – a truly wonderful chocolate butter cream is used for the foot massage. All this on top of the items regularly included in a pedicure – and – a chocolate treat to take home!  It’s decadent!  It’s chocolatey!  It’s amazing!

Pina Colada Pedicure ~~ 60 minutes  $65
(A Body & Sole Orignal!)

Don’t you love a nice cold Pina Colada? If you do, then this is the pedicure for you! First, you will savor a cold blended (virgin) Pina Colada drink that will whisk you away to a tropical island (within the confines of the Spa). Next, the service begins with a warm soak in a mineral salt bath, followed by a relaxing foot scrub. Following that you will be treated to a wonderful mineral clay foot mask and finish with a relaxing foot and calf massage. All of this, in addition to the items regularly included in our pedicures, makes this pedicure a must! (All products have a fragrant “Pina Colada” scent.)

Ultimate Pedicure ~~ 70 minutes  $78
The definitive therapy for your feet, this pedicure actually begins with a 15-minute reflexology session, after which you will be treated to our luxurious Body & Sole Signature Pedicure.  We will conclude your Ultimate Pedicure experience with a complimentary gift that will entice you to visit us again!

Express Pedicure ~~ 35 minutes   $30
Need a quick renewal for your toes?  This is the pedicure for you.  You will receive a cuticle touch-up, nail filing and expert polish application.  The perfect lunchtime or between-errands activity, this pedicure will allow you to be in and out in a very short time – with beautiful feet!

Sports Pedicure ~~ 50 minutes  $50
(A Body & Sole Orignal!)

This “no-nonsense”, no-polish version of our Regular Pedicure uses dead sea salts and other special detoxifying ingredients to soak away your sore feet.  It includes the same, essential nail care you receive with our Regular Pedicure, plus an extra deep foot and calf massage to help you recover from your favorite sport.  (Shopping is a sport, right??)

Gentleman’s Regular Pedicure ~~ 40 minutes   $40
A pedicure is a great way to relax.  It is also a great way to keep your feet and toes attractive, healthy and really, really clean. (Gentlemen, you know you need this….)

Gentleman’s Signature Pedicure ~~ 50 minutes  $53
During this service, you will receive the same skilled attention as the Gentleman’s Regular Pedicure, with the addition of warm, luxurious Soyaffin™ booties to help you make the most of the relaxation provided by this service.


CND Shellac™ ~~ Add To Any Manicure or Pedicure
Color  $22 ~ French, Color Layering or Glitter  $30

Creative Nail Designs Shellac™ is a true innovation in chip-free, extended-wear color with NO formaldehyde, toluene or DBP.

OPI Gel Color™ ~~ Add To Any Manicure or Pedicure
Color  $22 ~ French  $30

OPI Gel Color™ is strong, long lasting, and can be color-matched to regular OPI nail colors.

Acrylic Soak-Off ~~ 90 minutes  $40
Pulling or picking off your acrylic nails can be very damaging to your natural nails, so come in and let us gently soak them off.   (We highly recommend our Post-Acrylic Manicure after your soak-off.)

Soyaffin™ Mittens or Booties  $18
This is a great little treatment to drop in for or to add to any other in-room spa service.  It will warm and soothe you, and leave your hands or feet super-moisturized.

Polish Change “Plus” ~~ Hands or Feet $15
Come in for a quick polish removal, shaping and polish application.

 ~~ All service times are approximate ~~    ~~ Services and prices are subject to change without notice ~~